14 Jun 2017
Scroll down to view information on the range of Fischer Chemical Anchors that we stock. Please enquire about our improved Chemical Anchor prices by contacting your Account Manager. To view the products individually, click the link below.    
14 Dec 2016
We have now moved into our new purpose-built Distribution Centre (and Albany branch) at 93 Apollo Drive, Albany. The move was a mammoth effort in logistics with two ten tonne, curtain side trucks running back-and-forth over the course of three weeks. During this period they moved 1000 tonnes worth of product and equipment. The new, much larger site is located on the corner of Apollo and Orbit Drives. Key features of the new building...
22 Aug 2016
If you look at the head of a fastener, you might see markings stamped onto the surface. These marks hold valuable info about the fastener and learning how to read them can help you decide if it’s the correct fastener for your job. In the chart below are the most common head markings found on Anzor's stainless steel fasteners.
22 Aug 2016
Our stainless Bowmac brackets are now ‘Shot Blast’ which cleans up and polishes each bracket, and eliminates the discolouration that results from the pickling process (brown/acid stain as shown below). Bowmac Brackets are available here. Note that most orders supplied from now should have this new finish, however some stainless Bowmac products with the original finish may still be supplied until stocks are replaced with the new...
09 Jun 2016
The construction of our new Distribution Centre is progressing well with the opening planned for later in the year. With the relocation of the Distribution Centre will also be the relocation of the Albany branch to the same site. This new branch will provide some customer-friendly features, which include: The showroom and counter space will be two times larger than what we currently have, meaning at no time customers will be made to feel...
08 May 2016
This handy guide covers our complete decking screw range with advantages and tips for use for each type.
21 Apr 2016
Well it partly depends on HOW you paint. Stainless steel needs oxygen to repair its chromium oxide passive film which prevents corrosion.  So not painting stainless steel is best.  Not painting gives good exposure to oxygen to repair itself if any salt or contaminants get on it – so long as the stainless is maintained(washed every so often, if used externally) and of a suitable stainless grade and finish.  ...