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Stainless Meshnet

Stainless Steel Mesh Netting is a versatile and durable system that can be used in multiple applications in both commercial and residential construction. Its flexibility and durability comes from being made out of 316 stainless steel wire, allowing it to be made into panels as large as 20m x 50m.


  • 316 Stainless wire and crimps
  • Flexible wire can be curved to follow corners
  • Made to your required panel size and can be as large as 20m x 50m


Stainless Meshnet Foliage System Stainless Meshnet Staicases Stainless Meshnet Screens Stainless Meshnet Balustrade
Foliage Systems Staircases Screens Balustrades

Measuring for barrier, balustrade and foliage applications

  1. Measure the height and length for the Meshnet panel to cover
    1. Balustrades require the infill height x length measurement
    2. Foliage walls can be as large as 20m x 50m
  2. Meshnet aperature measurements
    1. Meshnet aperature measurements for barrier and balustrade applications must be max. 50mm from point to point as stated in The Department of Building and Housing B1 Building Code Guidance on Barrier Design March 2012 guide
    2. Meshnet aperture for foliage wall can be determined by the customer
  3. Meshnet meaurements that result in half apertures will require splicing and re-weaving of Meshnet panels.
Meshnet panels are delivered as rolls and do not come with peripheral products or tools for installation. Please contact us for a list of installers, products required for installation or for more information.

Apertures in vertical orientation

Stainless Wire Vertical Meshnet

Apertures in horizontal orientation

Stainless Wire Horizontal Meshnet

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