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Marine Hardware & Fittings - Stainless Steel

You can have confidence in our Marine Hardware, Here's why:

  • Products (where Breaking Loads are listed) are tested for a Breaking Load.
  • Products are sourced from a reputable, high-tech, modern factory.
  • This factory has specialized in tensile casting of high quality stainless steel marine hardware for over 30 years.
  • The factory has a stringent testing programme, for both material quality and tensile strength.
  • Our own material testing programme shows them at 100% compliance.
  • The factory uses computer modelling to ensure the reliability of tensile strengths.

We have dealt with this factory for nearly 20 years, and have only ever had high quality products. Eye Bolts, Eye Nuts and Eye Screws are available. We have three types of eye bolts and our eye nuts are excellent in applications where access is a factor.

Our range of Shackles include Standard D Shackles, Long D Shackles, Wide D Shackles, Bow Shackles, Twist Shackles, Double Bar D Shackles and a range of different pin types and drives. Turnbuckles or Rigging Screws, are available ex stock and are used for keeping tension on a wire rope. They are commonly used for wire rope balustrades and include a range of swage turnbuckles which press directly onto the wire rope.

A wide range of Stainless Steel Hooks are available and include S Hooks, S Hooks (one end closed), Grab Hooks, Slip Hooks with Latch, and more. Eye Straps and Eye Pads are available ex stock. The eye straps include Heavy Duty Eye Straps , Standard Eye Straps, Folding Eye Pads and more.

Swage Fittings are pressed onto wire rope and once attached can be used for attaching the wire rope to an object. There are a wide range of end types including, Swage Studs with (external thread) both left hand and right hand thread, Internally Threaded Swage Studs.

Cover Latches and Barrel Bolts are manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel for good looks and excellent durability.

Marine Hinges are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes and are polished to improve their resistance to corrosion.

Stainless Steel Rings are available in Round Rings, Triangle Rings  and D Rings.

Canopy Fittings are available also and are used in the manufacture of Canopies by the marine industry.

We have a range of Rod Holders and Cleats and Fairleads as well as Snap Shackles in a range of sizes and types.

Blocks and Pulleys are ex stock in Seine Blocks, Daruma Blocks and single and double wheel Mame Blocks and Swivels.

Quick links are an easy way of joining two lengths of chain and allow for easy disassembly.

Marine U Bolts in a range of sizes and including keepers and nuts.

Stainless Steel Lift Handles and Lift Rings all of which recess into the surface leaving a flat profile against the surface of the object.


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