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Self Tapping Screws - Stainless Steel

Self Tapping screws are used in wood, metal or plastic. Self Tappers are used where there is access to only one side of the material being used, i.e. laying a deck or lining a wall.

There are two basic types of self tappers, thread forming and thread cutting. Anzor Deck Driver - 6 Lobe Drive Stainless Steel Decking Screw our new 316 stainless Deck Driversâ„¢ self-drill into soft and hardwood timber. Pre-drilling is not required, except at the board ends. They have a trim head, so are more discrete, and the 6-Lobe drives provide excellent torque.

Countersunk Self Tappers are available in slot, pozi, Phillips and square drives. The countersunk head allows for the user to achieve a flush finish with the surface of the material. Undercut self tappers, also known as Truncated self tappers, are similar to countersunk only the head is undercut to around 70% of its normal side height.

Pan Head Self Tappers have a disc shaped head with chamfered edges and a flat base. Pan heads are available in pozi, slot, phillips and square drive and range in size from 2g x ¼' up to 14g x 4'.

Particle Board Screws have a countersunk head and are available in square drive. Particle Board screws have a thread cutting tip and a course thread. Bugle Headed Decking Screws are also countersunk but their countersunk head has a more fluted shape similar to the shape of the stem of a wine glass.

Countersunk Slot Wood Screws are available in 18g (7.47mm) and 50mm to 120mm in length. Hex Head Coach Screws are used to hold timber of larger proportions together where it is not practical to gain access to the reverse side to fit a nut. Identified by their nominal diameter length and grade.

Hex Head Self Tappers are similar to Coach screws with a hexagonal bolt like head but have a finer thread which runs the full length of the shank. Hex Socket Head Self Tappers have a cap screw type head with a hex drive socket. Hex Washer Face Type 17 Self Tappers are similar to Tek screws but are designed to be used with wood. They are available in 316 stainless only and have a Type 17 flute at the tip of the thread.

Truss Head Self Tappers have a wide low profile domed head or mushroom type head. Truss Head self tappers offer goods hold down properties with a low profile domed finish. Lag Screws or Hanger Bolts are a short length of threaded rod with a machine thread at one end and a wood thread at the other with a section of plain or hexagon shank in the middle.

Raised Countersunk Self Tappers have a standard countersunk head but instead of a flat top the top of the head is slightly domed providing an appealing tidy finish.

Quik Drive is a unique system of auto feed collated screws, Fastening has never been as fast or as cost-effective.

For Australian customers - see also Stainless Steel Screws Australia


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