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Retainers - Stainless Steel

Anzor Stocks a wide and varied range of retainers to suit a wide range of applications including Circlips, Dowel Pins, Tension Pins, Skew Proof Tension Pins, Padbolts, Quick Release Pins, R Clips, Recoils, Retaining Clips, Shaft Collars, Split Pins, Split Rings and Stainless Handles.

Circlips are available in 3 types, Internal Circlip, External Circlip and E Type Circlips. Circlips are made from spring tensioned 304 grade stainless steel. Used both internally and externally to retain an item, on a shaft or in a hole, from moving laterally along its length. Both Internal and external clips have small lugs on the ends which have small holes for the special pliers to fit into. Identified by the shaft size for external circlips and by the bore size for internal circlips. E Type clips are designed to fit on shafts that are not precision manufactured or the customer requires a less expensive type of retainer, also the E Type clip does not require a special tool to fit. Dowel Pins, Dowels or Cross Dowels are used for precise alignment of two objects, dowels can be used as either locators during construction or as joiners. They can be inserted into slightly larger diameter pre drilled holes for a loose join or pressed into slightly smaller holes for a firm join the pins are machined to tight tolerances as are the hole which are often reamed.

Dowels are used in place of bolts which can often leave a little play or movement in the joint or alignment. Dowel pins can offer a faster and cheaper alternative to conventional fasteners.

Tension Pins, Spring Pins or Roll Pins available in Metric and Imperial are considered a self retaining fastener because the diameter of the pin should be slightly larger than the diameter of the hole, the chamfered ends help with insertion and the spring of the pin allows it to compress into the hole. The force applied by the spring pin on the inside of the hole retains the pin in place.

Anzors Imperial range have a straight slot and the Metric have a wavy slot and are known as Skew Proof Tension Pins or Wave Pins. R Clips and Split Pins or Cotter Pins as they are also known are used for retaining an object in place such as a locking pin or axle.

The R Clip is named after the fact that the pin has the appearance of a capital R and are identified by the shaft size they will fit over and the diameter of the bar they are formed from i.e. M20 x 3.0, the back of the R is inserted into a pre drilled hole in the shaft and the round part of the R sits snugly into the curve of the shaft to hold it in place.

Similarly the Split Pin would fit through the hole in the shaft but the ends would be twisted to stop the pin falling out and hence stop the shaft from moving laterally. Split Rings or Key Rings as they are commonly described are also available in stainless steel and are available in 304 stainless in 10mm, 16mm and 22mm.

Shaft Collars are also used to retain an object on a shaft but work by using a grub screw which is tightened into the body and against the wall of the shaft to hold the collar in place, similar to the collar that holds the weights on each end of a barbell only the grub screw is replaced with a wing screw.


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