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Chain and Chain Fittings - Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel chain is identified by the diameter of the bar used in the links and the internal length of the link and is available in sizes from M2 x 12mm to M10 x 28mm. All chain is 316 grade stainless steel and breaking and safe working loads are available. While stainless chain can be used as anchor chain it is also commonly used for decorative purposes in architectural applications and in industrial applications.

C Rings are similar is shape to a single link of chain except in one side of the link there is a bevelled split which stops the link forming a complete loop, two C rings can be joined by lining up the two gaps in the links.

Connecting Links are a two part product that allows you to join two lengths of chain together. Similar to a link of chain in shape the connecting link is split into two parts with pins on each part that slide through the mating part, then using a hammer or mallet deformed to permanently connect the two parts.

When using the connecting links or C rings to connect two lengths of chain and if the chain will be used under pressure i.e. if the chain is being used for lifting, it is important that the safe working loads of the connecting links match the safe working load of the chain in use.


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