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Wire Rope, Cable & Fittings - Stainless Steel

Wire rope is a collection of small strands of wire woven together in three different patterns which offer different levels of flexibility. Commonly used for balustrades, rigging applications and foliage systems.

The three main types of wire stocked by Anzor are:

  • 1/19 stainless wire rope described as rigid wire is made of 19 strands of 1 wire woven together, which creates a very rigid wire rope unable to go round bends and has very little stretch, commonly used in swagging applications.
  • 7/7 stainless wire rope described as semi flexible wire is made of 7 strands of 7 wires woven together creating medium flexibility, OK for going round bends and has a medium amount of stretch.
  • 7/19 stainless wire rope described as flexible wire is made of 7 strands of 19 wires woven together creating a very flexible wire ideal for going round bends and much easier to work with than the other two options. 7/19 wire is the most commonly used wire for balustrades.

All wire rope stocked by Anzor is 316 grade, however due to the nature of woven wire it is prone to tea staining with out a good cleaning and maintenance routine. To address this issue we have sourced and stock wire in a 316 Ultra grade, manufactured from a higher quality 316 stainless bar and is recommended that for any balustrades inside the sea spray zone (close to the ocean).

Wire Rope Crimps are copper or nickel plated copper sleeves available in sizes to suit all our wire rope diameters. Used with a crimping tool the wire is looped through (often round a thimble), then the crimp is squeezed or deformed around the wires to form an eye. Commonly used in the construction of wire balustrades. Nickel Plated crimps offer a nice uniform finish with the colour of the crimp matching the colour of the stainless wire and fittings. Crimps are also available in stainless steel and aluminium on request.

Thimbles are tear shaped and con caved to seat the wire rope to form a tidy loop which can be crimped or gripped using a rope grip to keep the eye a uniform shape.

Wire Rope Grips use a small U bolt into a specially shaped collar which can be tightened to grip wire rope serving the same purpose as a crimp. However as the rope grip uses two small hex nuts to tighten the U bolt and sandwich the rope between the collar and the inside of the curve of the U bolt, it is possible to undo the hex nuts release the pressure and remove the wire when required. Made of stainless steel, rope grips offer better resistance to corrosion than the copper crimps. Rope Crimps are simply lighter versions of the wire rope crimp above and serve the same purpose, for use on normal rope.

Along with the items listed above we also stock a range of turnbuckles, D shackles, swage fittings, eyelets, eyelets for timber, eye bolts, eye screws and a range of crimping and swaging tools.

For Australian customers - see also Stainless Steel Wire Rope Australia, Stainless Steel Handrail Wire Australia and Stainless Steel Wire Balustrade Australia


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