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Security Screws - Stainless Steel

Stainles Steel Security Screws also known as tamper proof screws are available in both machine screw threads and self tapping threads for use in both metal and wood. While the same in all aspects of design to the standard self tapping and machine screws, security screws have much less common drive types veering away from the standard slot, pozi, square and phillips drives. Identified by the screws head shape, drive type, diameter and length.

Button Post Socket Machine Screws are similar to your standard button head socket screws, having a machine screw thread extending the length of the screws shaft with a domed head. A Post socket drive is a recessed six sided hex socket but unlike the standard button socket screw a post socket has a pin rising from the centre of the hex, which would prevent the insertion of a standard hex driver tip or allen key. Button Post Torx Machine Screws have an attractive dome shaped head and a machine screw thread along the shaft, for use in a tapped housings or with a nut and washer, depending on the amount of access available. Also known as a 6 Lobe with pin a post torx drive is a shaped like a star with 6 rounded points recessed into the head of the screw with a pin rising from the centre of the pattern. The six pointed star provides excellent driving ability and the pin prevents the use of a standard torx drive bit from being able to be inserted.

Countersunk Post Socket Machine Screws have a standard countersunk head shape and a machine screw thread extending the length of the screw shaft, combined with the post socket drive to prevent tampering, designed for use in a tapped hole but can be used with a nut. Countersunk Post Torx Machine Screws again a standard countersunk head and a machine screw thread along the shaft of the screw, only the drive is a star shape with six rounded points and a pin rising from the centre of the star. Countersunk Post Torx Self Tapper similar in all aspects of its design to a standard countersunk self tapper only the drive is a star shape with six rounded points and a pin rising from the centre. Countersunk Snake Eye Machine Screw with a countersunk head and machine screw thread has a snake eye drive which consists of two round holes in the head of the screw and requires a snake eye bit to tighten and remove.

The snake eye drive is also available in a countersunk snake eye self tapper, pan head snake eye machine screw and pan head snake eye self tapper.

Pan Head One Way Self Tappers have a unique drive type where by half of each side of the pan head has been removed so that when tightening with a blade screw driver one can only apply pressure in one direction making installation easy and extraction almost impossible. However its odd shape doesn't lend itself to an appealing finish and they are used for function rather than appearance.

Shear Nuts are an excellent option for securing any type of metric thread. Consisting of two main parts, a rounded body beneath the standard hex nut shape the internal thread is only present inside the round or bell shaped body, once tightened any extra pressure will shear the hex part from the threaded body leaving the rounded bell shaped body in place and no flat surface with which to remove the nut. The advantage of using a shear nut is that you can securely fasten a standard bolt, machine screw or cap screw into place, however shear nuts will require access to the back of the object, also if ever required to be removed the fastening would need to be cut off or drilled out.

Security Tools. Anzor stocks all the required Allen keys for the different drives above, and to find the right sized tool refer to our security tool guide.

For Australian customers - see also Stainless Steel Security Screws Australia and Stainless Steel Tamper Proof Screws Australia


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