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Hinges - Stainless Steel

Stainless steel hinges offer excellent durability with style and look great in any application. We have a range of stainless hinge available including Butt Hinges, piano hinges, strap hinges and tee hinges. We also have a range of marine hinges designed specifically for marine applications in our marine hardware section.

As is the case with all stainless products, a good cleaning and maintenance routine should be followed to maintain the finish of the item.

Butt Hinges (in 304 and 316 grade stainless steel) are a small to medium sized hinge mainly used by the wood working industry. They are fitted to both the body and lid or door allowing the lid or door to pivot along the line of the pin of the hinge, allowing it to be opened and closed easily.

A butt hinge is usually used in twos or threes where the materials being joined are both solid and stable. Butt hinges are identified by their Length (parallel to the pin) x Width (open width) x Thickness, though the length and width of the hinge are imperial sizes i.e. 3" x 2", the thickness is always described in a metric value i.e. 3" x 2" x 1.5mm.

Standard Butt Hinges have square edges but we also have a range of radius butt hinges which have rounded corners. They are identified in the same manner as the standard butt hinges (Length x Width x Thickness) and are available in fixed and loose pin. The loose pin hinges must be installed with the grade stamp up to avoid the pin falling out.

Flush Fit Hinges are also available. A flush fit hinge, when closed, offers a much thinner profile and does not require the door to be recessed. The flap that attaches to the door fits inside and sits flush with the other larger flap, giving the appearance that the smaller flap has been cut out of the larger.

Butt hinges are available in 304 and 316 grades, 304 being suitable for interior applications and 316 for outdoor applications. However the 316 hinge has 304 grade bearings fitted which will show signs of tea staining when used in high salt environments and can cause them to corrode and seize. Regular cleaning and maintenance and the use of Grunt Emergel will reduce this.

Disadvantages of using butt hinges are that they do require that the door and jamb be recessed and alignment is important in order for the door to swing freely, screw selection is also important as the screw head must sit flush with or just below the surface of the hinge if sitting proud of the hinge the door will not close properly.

Piano Hinge is a much lighter hinge than a butt hinge and is sold in six foot lengths. Identified by its Width (when fully open) x Thickness (measured in gauge) and Overall length, piano hinge is available in drilled (complete with countersunk screw holes) or un-drilled (no screw holes). Designed to be fitted to the body and lid of an object, piano hinge is used in applications where the materials being joined are not too thick and are designed to spread the load over the total length of the join as opposed to two or three point with a butt hinge. The drilled piano hinge takes a 6g countersunk screw and both types are available in 304 and 316.

Customers will often electro-polish the hinge making 304 suitable for the interior applications on boats and 316 for immersion in salt water. They are commonly used by boat builders, cabinet makers and joiners.

Tee hinges have lop sided flaps, one side is a rectangle with the pin attached to one of the long sides and the other flap is an isosceles triangle with the pin attached along the short side. Commonly used for gates the triangle flap provides good connection to the gate while the rectangle flap connects to the post. Identified by the length of the triangle flap to the centre of the pin and available in 304 stainless only.

A strap hinge essentially does the same job as a Tee Hinge, however both flaps are the shape of an isosceles triangle with the pin attached to the short sides of each triangle.

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