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Machine Screws

Machine Screws - Stainless Steel Machine Screws are similar to bolts in that they have a head and shank, along the shank is machined a thread, while machine screws are able to be used with a nut they are more commonly designed to be screwed into a threaded housing, machine screws are available in a range of thread patterns and are designed for precision. Available in a range of head types such as countersunk, pan, raised countersunk, truss, cheese or round and in a number of different drives such as slot, phillips and pozi .

Countersunk Machine Screws - Slot, Phillips, Pozi - Stainless Steel Countersunk Machine Screws; have a cone shaped head with a flat top which when used in the appropriate housing leave a flat finish with the surface of the object or machine, available in phillips and slot and pozi drives, Metric, UNC, UNF and BSW thread types.

Raised Head Machine Screws - Slot, Phillips, Pozi - Stainless Steel Raised Countersunk Machine Screws; have a countersunk with a slightly domed finish on the top of the head, available in Metric sizes only they can have a slot, phillips or pozi drive and come in both 304 and 316 grades.

Pan Head Machine Screws - Slot, Phillips, Pozi - Stainless Steel Pan Head Machine Screws: have a wide head that provides good clamping ability, the top of the head has a flat disc with a chamfered edge which is often considered less attractive than other head types, so is often used where they won't be seen. Pan head machine screws are available in phillips, slot and pozi drive.

Round Head Machine Screws - Slot, - Stainless Steel Round Head Machine Screws; have a flat base to the head and a round or domed head. The round head screw offers good clamping ability with a more aesthetically pleasing dome than a pan head. Round head machine screws are available only in imperial BSW (Whitworth) sizes (ex stock) with a slot drive.

Cheese Head Machine Screws - Slot- Stainless Steel Cheese Head Machine Screws; has a cylindrical disc type head with straight edges where the height of the head is approximately half the head diameter. Available in both 304 and 316 cheese head machine screws have a slot drive and come in metric sizes only ex stock.

Truss Head Machine Screws - Phillips - Stainless Steel Truss Head Machine Screws; are the most low profiled dome headed machine screw available and is also known as a mushroom head. Winged Machine Screws, Wing Screws - Stainless Steel Wing Screws; have a wing nut type head which allow for finger tightening and are useful in applications where the screw will need to be removed and replaced.

For Australian customers - see also Stainless Steel Machine Screws Australia


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