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Socket Head Screws - Stainless Steel

Socket head screws have a machine screw thread in imperial and metric, distinctive with their six sided hexagon recess in the head for driving with an allen key or hex driver tip. Socket head screws come in a range of head types and are for use in tapped housings, but can be used with nuts and washers. Common in the construction of machinery and in the marine industry. They are commonly referred to as cap screws or socket screws.

Button Head Socket Screw has a domed head with a flat underside combining excellent holding strength and a tidy attractive finish. Available in both 304 and 316 stainless steel and with the distinctive hex drive recess.

Countersunk Socket Coachscrews are perfect for securing objects with high sideways loading onto timber providing greater shear strength than regular wood-screws. These screws feature a course wood thread along the shaft of the screws with a length of plain shank below the countersunk head, the hex drive providing excellent driving power. Countersunk Socket Screws have a machine screw thread and are designed for installation into pre tapped housings where the pre drilled and tapped hole has been recessed to allow for the countersunk head, allowing for the fat top of the head to sit flush with the surface of the object. Again distinctive by their six sided hex recess for driving with an allen key or hex driver bit.

Flanged Button Socket Screws are similar to the standard button sockets but have a flanged base, meaning the flat underside of the head is wider and almost appears to have a flat washer attached. Available in M4 and M5 and a very limited range of lengths.

Grubscrews which are also known as Socket Head Set Screws have a machine screw type thread with no head. In place of the head there is a recessed hex socket in the top of the thread. Grub Screws are designed to hold one object in place against another object, a grub-screw is used in our shaft collars and many of our wire products use a grub-screw to hold the wire into the part such as our wire clamping rings.

Hex Socket Capscrews are the most common type of cap-screw we have available and have a cylindrical head with high straight sides with a six sided hex recess for use with an allen key or hex driver tip,cap-screwss are useful where you may not have the room available to use acrescentt or spanner to fit a hex bolt. Generally designed to be used in a threaded housing Cap screws can be used with a nut and washer. Identified by their diameter and length. Cap-screws are often required in non-stocked ranges and we have sourced in the past cap-screws in Bumax grades, A4-80 type stainless and metric fine thread. If you require cap-screws in any of these types or any not listed here please contact us and we will source them for you.

For Australian customers see Stainless Steel Capscrews and Stainless Steel Grubscrews


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