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Balustrade Enquiry Form

Anzor’s wire balustrade system offers an elegant, versatile infill solution for both timber and metal frames. Our specially developed eyelets are low profile, providing a clean aesthetic and are easy to install.

Check out these inspiring application images to see what a wire infill system could do for you balustrading project!

Balustrade Options

The drawings shown are only a guide. Anzor does not supply stainless metal framing, only the wire and wire components.
Balustrade specifications are recommendations only and may need to be adapted to suit your needs.

Click below for more information on balustrade types:

Low Profile for Wood

Balustrade System Requirements

Complete numbered steps in the enquiry form below to receive a quote within 2 business days. Review and edit component quantities carefully before submitting.

The approximate number of fittings and length of wire required are based on 900mm x 1000mm with 90mm eyelet spacing, as shown in our PS1 drawings.

1. Enter Balustrade Details

2. Select Balustrade System

Balustrade for Metal
Balustrade for Metal
Balustrade for Timber
Balustrade for Timber
Vertical Balustrade for Metal
Vertical Balustrade

3. Calculated Quantity Needed

Stainless Wire Roll Stainless Wire Roll
Stainless Metal Eyelet for Wire Stainless Metal Eyelet for Turnbuckles
Stainless Timber Eyelet for Wire Stainless Timber Eyelet for Turnbuckles
Stainless Jaw/Jaw Turnbuckles Stainless Jaw/Swage Turnbuckles
Flip Toggle Fittings Stainless Bottom Tension Bolts

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