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Dome Nuts

Dome Nuts (Acorn Nuts) Dome Nuts or Acorn Nuts come in two styles, one piece and two piece. A one piece Done Nut is made from a solid piece of stainless steel. The 2-piece Dome Nut is made from 2 pieces of Stainless fused together. The 2 piece Dome Nuts is the best looking option with a lower overall profile and made to a high-polish finish. The 1 piece Dome Nut is made to the Din 1587 standard and is more economical. Dome Nuts are sometimes known as Cap Nuts and Acorn Nuts. For dome nut dimensions Please refer to the tables below. Metric Dome Nut 1 Piece DIN1587 and 2 Piece Dimensions UNC Dome Nut 1 Piece Dimensions UNC 2 Piece Dome Nut Dimensions Click table to enlarge If measurements are critical or you need dimensions for UNF Dome Nuts please contact your local branch to confirm.

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