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Wire Rope/Cable

Wire Rope Cable Breaking Load Chart

*Standard Safety Factor of wire rope, and fittings – to determine the standard safety factor of a wire rope or cable, or fittings, the nominal strength or Breaking Load (BL) must be reduced by a safety factor. The BL of a wire rope should be considered the straight line pull which will actually break the wire. The nominal strength or BL of a wire rope should never be used as its working load.

The safety factor is the ratio of strength of the rope or strand, or fitting to the Working Load Limit required. It is impossible to establish a uniform safety factor as it will depend upon the type of work performed, government regulations, loads applied, speed of operation, length of wire rope used, etc. As a guideline, designers/installers commonly use a the standard safety factor of 25% of Breaking Load, i.e. a 4:1 safety factor.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that an appropriate safety factor has been applied to the BL to calculate the Working Load Limit of the wire rope or fitting being specified or ordered. We suggest that you engage a consulting engineer to assist you.

Anzor takes no responsibility for the final decision, and accepts no liability in the case where loss arises from the standard safety factor chosen.

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