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Cleaning Methods

Requirement Method Comments
Routine Cleaning
(this is important in Coastal areas)
  • Soap, ammonia or detergent and warm water.
  • 3M Citrus in an aerosol can is an effective cleaner.
  • Sponge with cloth or soft brush then rinse with clean water and dry.
  • Satisfactory on all surfaces.
  • Situations directly on the seafront require cleaning once a month.
  • Uneven surfaces or surfaces with crevices are prone to trapping corrosive agents.
  • Detergent and warm water or organic solvent
  • Satisfactory on all surfaces.
  • To minimise recurrence use and aerosol oil cleaner
Grease marks
  • Organic solvent, e.g. acetone, enklene.
- Stubborn spots
- Stains
- Light discolouration
- Hard water spots
- General scale and water marks
  • Mild abrasive detergents of the Jif type.
  • Rinse and dry.
  • Heavy scale can be removed by the use of a hot 10% phosphoric acid solution.
  • Rinse with ammonia and water.
  • Dry.
Heat tint or heavy discolouration
  1. Jif, Chemico
  2. Scotchbrite
  1. Satisfactory on all finishes except mirrored and coloured.
  2. Used on brushed finish along the grain only.
Neglected surfaces discolouration due to accumulated grime
  • Use an abrasive paste such as T-cut.
  • On all but bright finish and coloured.
  • This cannot be done in patches but only as a whole.
  • Use a paint stripper e.g. Nitromors as directed by the manufacturer then rinse with clean water
  • Use of soft nylon or bristle brush on textured patterns.
Rust or Tea Staining

Disclaimer: this is meant only as a guide. Anzor does not accept liability for the application of this information. Please consult the Nickel Institute for specific advise.

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