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Toggle Latches & Catches

Stainless Toggle Latches & Catches

Stainless Toggle Latches & Catches

Toggle Latches or spring claw latches are a range of over center type latches suitable for almost any application, made from 304 Stainless Steel and with a range of catch options available to suit any application or situation. With the use of the retaining clip or a split pin most of the latches are lockable for applications where vibration may be a factor, with the 36-1058 Toggle Latch complete with safety catch.

Toggle Latches have vast and varied applications and are used across a wide range of industries. Toggle Catches or catch plates offer a diverse range of designs to suit any situation and designed specifically for use with our Toggle Latches. The catches are also available in 304 Stainless Steel and our helpful Latch/Catch mating guide can help you select the correct latch and catch pair for your application.

Antiluce Fasteners are commonly used to fasten the tail gates onto utes or trailors, where the tailgate is closed and the holes in the tail gate slip easily over the antiluce fastener. The arm of the Antiluce then drops down to point to the ground and locks the tailgate in place. Available with M8 metric thread for mounting with use of nuts and washers or plain as a weld on option. With a 303 grade stainless boss, 304 grade stainless cotter and 420 grade stainless tension pin these antiluce fasteners offer superior durability.

For Australian customers - see also Stainless Toggle Latches & Catches Australia.


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