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Pipe Clamps

Stainless Steel pipe clamps are designed to suit standard Stainless Steel Nominal Bore Pipe sizes, the table below shows the true OD measurement of NB pipe. Should you require a clamp to suit OD Stainless Steel Tube (such as dairy tube), please click here.

Clamp Size Fits Pipe O/D
3/8 NB Pipe 17mm
1/2 NB Pipe 21mm
3/4 NB Pipe 27mm
1 NB Pipe 33mm
1-1/4 NB Pipe 43mm
1-1/2 NB Pipe 48mm
2 NB Pipe 60mm
2-1/2 NB Pipe 73mm
3 NB Pipe 89mm
4 NB Pipe 115mm
6 NB Pipe 160mm



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