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Super Duplex (2507 SS) Fasteners for Building & Construction

Last Updated: 24/5/21 at 3:53pm

Stainless Steel 2507 Fasteners for Building

Super Duplex (2507 SS) is 100% corrosion resistant* in saltwater (has a minimum PREN value of 41) and can withstand the harshest environments! See the table below or click the following link to read more about PREN Values.

Super Duplex (2507 SS)

  • Can be specified for sea water piling applications in H6 timber
  • High strength (800-1000 MPa tensile strength)
  • Extreme corrosion resistance and has a min PREN value of 41, far higher than 316 SS
  • Ideal for coastal construction such as piers, sea walls and pilings/footings
  • Other Super Duplex (2507 SS) items can be made to order

Fasteners available in Super Duplex (2507 SS)

*Setscrews & Bolts and Capscrews (contact us for enquiries)


To maintain 100% corrosion resistance to saltwater, please follow the below guidelines when working/handling Super Duplex (2507 SS)

  • Only use tools that have been exclusively used on SS material to avoid cross contamination of carbon steel onto Super Duplex (2507 SS)
  • If Super Duplex (2507 SS) fasteners are worked with high temperature processes such as welding, annealing or cutting with cutting discs, use a pickle/passivating paste on the affected area to reduce the corrosion caused by heating

PREN Values

Stainless Steel PREN Values

NB: The information above is provided as a guide only and Anzor does not accept liability for the application of this information.
For advice about stainless steel contact the Nickel Institute.

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